Payment processing technology for Japan and S. Korea

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Sumopay is a perfect solution for international ecommerce merchants targeting sales in Japan, S. Korea and South East Asia.


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No Registration Needed. SumoPay doesn’t require the customer to create an account to use the service. The customers phone number will be asked for, so they can receive receipts and notifications.

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Quick and Easy Deposit, Withdrawal, and Payment – The variety of merchants that use SumoPay is vast! This includes online shopping sites, gaming websites, and delivery services

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SumoPay’s bank-to-bank transactions are fully automated. This means that no humans will have to read their information to execute a payment.

Why many international brands struggle in selling online in Japan?

When looking at Japan from abroad in terms of potential of the e-commerce market, the numbers are really encouraging: an average market growth of 11.8% during the last seven years, the fourth largest e-commerce market in the world, and an expanding variety and localisation of platforms, services and payment gateways.
Average market growth during the last seven years

Bank to Bank transfers (Sumopay)

SumoPay is an easy-to-use bank payment service that will make your customer’s experience.

At the checkout stage of an ecommerce purchase, Sumopay presents the customer with bank details and a reference number. Once payment has been made, Sumopay will instantly notify the customer (and merchant) that a payment has been successfully transacted.

Your customers don’t need to worry about filling out forms or entering a credit card number each time as SumoPay remembers their device and preferences for the next time.