About us

SumoPay is an international ecommerce cash payment service specifically catering to the Asian markets. Specifically built for ecommerce merchants wanting to accept payments from Asia through bank account transfers, the service is simple to use for customers, whereby local domestic payments can be made using a simple reference number. Sumopay provides a fully automated and customisable payment processing platform to suit all of your needs.

Sumopay offers multiple payment technologies which allow the following:

01 Allows ecommerce merchants the ability to accept client deposits and payments domestically
02 Allows ecommerce merchants the ability to withdraw client funds to pay-out to their clients.
03 Net proceeds can be repatriated into Europe, Asia, UK or in Crypto currencies

Sumopay market and technology

Sumopay is used by merchants who traditionally have had a lack of exposure to the Japanese or Korean markets and who recognise the huge untapped growth that South Asia embodies. Typically merchants have found it difficult to understand and acclimate to the intricacies, cultural difference and nuances of working in the ecommerce market within these markets.
Our technology platform was created by payment professionals with a combined 15 years of experience in payment processing, bank to bank payments and cross border remittance.